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April 2009

Why in the world would you possibly delete my Wacktrap account?

Let’s be honest here: if we’re ticked off to the point where your Wacktrap account has been removed, you most likely know the reason. Remember the Terms you’ve read and agreed to when registering at Wacktrap? If you’ve forgotten, please revisit the three parts of Wacktrap Terms now: TOU, Copyright and Privacy Policy.
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How do I view all my recent wacks in one spot?

Want to see all your good stuff in one place? Or simply want to find that wack you've posted but still need to share with friends?
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Why is my valid email address required for Wacktrap registration and use?

We’ve gotta be able to reach you when necessary. When you first register, we need to verify that you're human and not a bot. More importantly, there are times when you're gonna need to hear from us.
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Wacktrap Bookmarks: we've made it easy

We don't want you gettin' lost. And with that in mind, we've designed three ways for you to Bookmark your favorite wacks or Wacktrap page-in a flash!
Add to Wacktrap Bookmarks:
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How do I tell friends about my wack immediately?

Now that you’ve posted your wack, you're gonna want to share it with friends, family, even co-workers. So we've made it a snap to get it to 'em fast. And you've got options: send it by wack mail, or send it directly to your account with Facebook or Twitter. With a click of our ‘Share’ Button, you'll be sendin' that wack instantly. Read more

I posted a wack. Is my wack uploaded immediately?

Yes, your wack will be uploaded as soon as you hit submit. The faster you type, the quicker your friends and other users will be able to read your wack, Rate your wack, even Comment on your wack.
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My free Wacktrap Account isn't a trial membership is it?

What you see is what you get, and that’s not changin'-we promise, it will only get better and better. Read more

Can I post wacks, Rate wacks, and Comment daily?

We see most of you daily. Sometimes several times per day. And that's the way we like it. We're a tight-knit community here. Wacktrap members not only want to hear from you, they're waiting for you to become part of that community.
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How do I share my wack on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Digg or other favs?

Update your wacks to friends and family, in a blink. It's easy to add and share all your wacks to your Facebook profile, Twitter or Myspace page instantly. Need to let the whole world know about that wack you just added? Maybe you want to share it on Digg instead. It's up to you. There's lot of choices-and we've put 'em at your fingertips. It's important to have options, so we're givin' you over 150 right off the bat. Because sometimes you gotta tell someone. Sometimes you gotta tell a lot of people. Read more

I saw another user’s wack and just have to share it with friends! What do I do?

Only clicks away, you can instantly share the wacks you see with friends, family, coworkers, or anyone you'd like! Wacktrap helps you share those wacks fast, even if they're not your own but happen to tickle your funny bone. See something you can’t believe-and just gotta tell someone? We've made it easy.
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