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What are Wacktrap Connections?

Wacktrap Connections are always at your fingertips. You're gonna make lots of 'em here and we keep 'em all in one, safe place. Click the 'My Account' tab, and you'll find 'My Connections' directly above your personal Scratchpad. We make it easy to keep track of who's who, with a thumbnail avatar for every Connection you've got.
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What are Wacktrap Invitations and how do I send one?

You're sharing your wacks with friends quickly and easily. But what if you also want your friends to be able to share their wacks, and make 'em part of your Connections? After all, it’s even more fun to see your friends’ crazy experiences too. If your friends deem you ‘in the know’ on all the latest, help ‘em out by spreading the word. When  you're the 'go to,' don't leave 'em in the dark. Read more

How do I contact another user through Wacktrap Messaging?

At Wacktrap, you have the freedom to communicate. Free and easy. Any time you see another Wacktrap member’s username in a wack, wack Rating, Comment or Forum post, you’ll be able to contact the member directly and privately. Read more

I want to share a wack in my Facebook Profile. How do I do it easily?

Want to add your wack to your Facebook profile or tweet that wack instantly? You owe it to that inner circle to keep 'em up-to-date. After all, what would they do without you? We know you spend time on other sites, so we won't make you choose a favorite. We've made it easy to incorporate your wack, or share any wack you see, with your favorite friends and sites, in just clicks.
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Can I post wacks, Rate wacks, and Comment daily?

We see most of you daily. Sometimes several times per day. And that's the way we like it. We're a tight-knit community here. Wacktrap members not only want to hear from you, they're waiting for you to become part of that community.
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I want to send a message to another user. Can the user see my information?

Just like you can’t see the personal info of the Wacktrap member you’re contacting, or wooing to make that Connection, we're similarly keepin' your info under wraps. Totally private. We're loyal that way, and there's nothin' additional you need to do maintain that level. No need to check a box, or mark a preference, in your Wacktrap account to ensure continued privacy.
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