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Step 2: Sharing those wacks

I can share wacks with Twitter and tweet any wack instantly?

Yep. We understand, you can't let down those followers. We know how important it is to keep those tweets flowin’. Read more

I can add any wack directly to my Facebook profile?

You bet. Wacktrap makes it easy to add any wack directly to your Facebook profile, shared alongside your regular Facebook posts. Read more

How do I email my wack I just created to friends?

It's easy to share your wack, or anyone else's, and share it fast. Whether you're sendin' it to one or many, our handy 'Share' feature offers a super-fast way to mail that wack in an instant usin' wack mail. You'll be sendin' that wack to anyone, or everyone simultaneously.
  Read more

How do I share my wack on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Digg or other favs?

Update your wacks to friends and family, in a blink. It's easy to add and share all your wacks to your Facebook profile, Twitter or Myspace page instantly. Need to let the whole world know about that wack you just added? Maybe you want to share it on Digg instead. It's up to you. There's lot of choices-and we've put 'em at your fingertips. It's important to have options, so we're givin' you over 150 right off the bat. Because sometimes you gotta tell someone. Sometimes you gotta tell a lot of people. Read more

I saw another user’s wack and just have to share it with friends! What do I do?

Only clicks away, you can instantly share the wacks you see with friends, family, coworkers, or anyone you'd like! Wacktrap helps you share those wacks fast, even if they're not your own but happen to tickle your funny bone. See something you can’t believe-and just gotta tell someone? We've made it easy.
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