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Woman Flags Police Asks if Warrant Outstanding Gets Herself Arrested

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by hearit

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Cincinnati area police in Lockland, Ohio, have made one of their stranger arrests: a woman flags down a police officer—to specifically checking whether she has a current arrest warrant. The answer was in the affirmative—and somehow that required Lockland’s ‘finest’ needing to send ‘backup’ in order to actually complete the arrest.

After a Village of Lockland police officer informed the 44-year-old that she did in fact have an outstanding arrest warrant, the woman did what most normal people would do from the get-go: she attempted to stay out of jail. Unfortunately, her method came into play after already attracting attention of law enforcement—so when she ran off, it was considered “resisting arrest”.

To make matters worse for the woman, the police chase didn’t come to a halt until suspect Selma Elmore was physically pushed into a building by the police officer—of course, claims the officer, his elbow as injured during that scenario.

The woman was apparently deemed so “dangerous” that ‘backup’ was somehow necessary: yes, it was apparently required that yet more police officers were needed--in order to apprehend a woman so sly that she’d essentially handed herself over to law enforcement.

The original warrant: the simple fact of failing to pay a fine related to a prior drug conviction,

Well, there was originally a warrant; add “resisting arrest” to that scenario; now Ms. Elmore’s going to be lucky to avoid any “assault” charge related to that extra ounce of complete stupidity.

On the stupid tip: how does a police officer require ‘backup’ in order to apprehend a woman dumb enough to ask law enforcement whether she has a current arrest warrant? Perhaps that's the "village" part in the Lockland name.

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