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Walgreens Cough Drop Pisser Nabbed in Florida

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by copythat

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Proving once again that people do the most bizarre things, Florida police have nabbed the cough drop pisser. A Florida Walgreen's serves as the site where a man pees on packages of cough drops.
The scene in April was caught on video camera by the store, as a guy in a Sanford, Florida, Walgreen's decides to drop his pants and pee -- urinating all over bags of cough drops. He didn't hit just one bag -- about $300 bucks worth of cough drops were lost in the unexplained peeing situation. Incidentally, it wasn't someone senile. A 22-year-old's been arrested after an unlucky clerk, who was in charge of stocking, made the discovery -- discovering that the store's stock of cough drops smelled like urine, not menthol.
The media seems to have paid off for Florida police, who busted Larry Donell White, Jr., for allegedly peeing on the lozenges. Reportedly a public tip received, after the story aired in the press, led to the arrest. The guy's being held on over five hundred bucks bond -- proving legal fees are substantially more expensive than damages when committing a crime.
The most interesting part may be the idea that someone linked the guy to peeing, and automatically knew he was per a description of urinating on things. Not a good reputation -- particularly if sober.

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