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Waikiki Man Takes Trash Chute Dive Rescued Naked

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by hearit

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In The News

Most images of Honolulu are of beautiful Waikiki beaches and cliffs – not of a naked man being rescued from a trash chute. But, then, strange things happen before 4 a.m.

Police received an urgent call from a seventh-floor resident of a of a Waikiki apartment building, who claimed that his roommate had had a bit – or, rather, a bit too much – to drink. The imbibing led to other things, like toting a knife.

Police ended up with a desperate man in the building’s trash chute -- just not the desperate man that they’d talked to by phone. As it turned out, it was their suspect whom had taken a “plunge.” Perhaps he'd hoped to wind up in a Gotham City teleporter. Whatever his intent when taking the dive, unfortunately he lost his shorts on the way down. Unfortunately for police and firefighters on the scene, his shorts were his last piece of clothing.

The man's momentum was stopped by a pile-up of trash that backed him up to the third floor, where firefighters helped freed him -- before police arrested him in conjunction with the knife, also found in the trash chute.

Asked how he ended up in the trash chute, the trash chute diver replied: "I went for one dive." Sans the cliffs.

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