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Visions of Charbroiled Tased Pork Chops Dancing in Your Head

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by copythat

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In The News

Apparently it's not just people who can end up as fatalities in law enforcement shootings. A Washington State trooper shoots to kill a 500-pound pig. But then again, a lady told him to do it. And he did properly cook it by taser first.

It's visions of charbroiled pork chops for a woman who carted home a dead pig carcass, tased multiple times before its death.

According to KXLY: "This is one of those stories that folks are going to be talking about around the dinner table tonight."

So what do you do with a four to five-hundred-pound pig you've just purchased for breeding? Put it in a minivan, of course. A pig was seen running down a Spokane Valley sidewalk by a trooper in Washington state -- in a similar time frame to a trooper running across a van that seemed to be driving erratically. That minivan seemed to be missing a back window. Yes, there was a connection.

The pig's female owner had reportedly driven from Eureka to Valleyford to purchase the animal weighing up to 500 pounds -- and had apparently planned to transport it back to Montana in not just a van, but a minivan no less. She bought the pig for breeding purposes. Perhaps the animal thought it had a different lot in life. Or maybe it just seemed like a really long road trip. Whatever the reason, the woman described the pig as being "ballistic" in the minivan -- apparently before its escape route via the back window of the moving vehicle.

The running pig was first herded out of traffic by the Washington trooper's patrol car. Once back on the sidewalk, the state trooper reportedly tried to use his stun gun on the animal, several times -- so that the animal could be roped. The loose pig scenario apparently went from zero to sixty quickly, the shift not quite clear -- but the idea of corralling the pig turned to a fatal gunshot wound and tow-truck to round up the corpse.

KXLY video footage shows a tow truck assisted in lifting and loading the pig carcass back into the same van from which the pig had escaped a short time prior. The animal probably wasn't counting on the same 'cage' serving as its funeral transportation. No word on how the woman plans to remove the pig's 400-500 pound body upon arrival home. Maybe that plan is about in line with transporting a live and un-roped pig by minivan.

According to the involved trooper Mehaffey: “As soon as the pig got loose, the lady said, ‘Shoot it." And he did. Apparently law enforcement in certain areas listens to the general public when it comes to decisions involving use of a gun and certain death.

Good thing it wasn't a spouse.

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