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Viral Facebook Video of Speeding BMW Gets 3 Israelis Charged

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by underthesea

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Dumb isn’t limited to the United States: Three 23-year-old Israelis have gotten themselves in a hot predicament through posting a video on Facebook--of themselves speeding at roughly 160 miles per hour in a BMW. The Facebook posting made the video clip hot--gaining attention of the media, then police, in August.

In what police say was an act equivalent to "Russian Roulette" in danger, the BMW's driver is now facing two charges in Israel, related to video content posted on the Facebook site: reckless driving and endangering public safety.

The video clip posted to Facebook includes the BMW's driver and two passengers traveling along coastal highway--Route Number 2--from the cities of Tel Aviv to Haifa. The car’s speedometer shown in the footage, clearly points to 260 kph, 170 kph over the Israeli speed limit.

The speeding car’s two passengers will probably also be charged--with encouraging the driver to break the law, after debating where to upload the video. One passenger says: "For YouTube ... film me ... glue that scale [on the speedometer]", another saying, "I can't believe it. Netanya to Haifa in nine minutes. Wow." The dumb duo also clap their hands as the driver gains speed in the BMW.

Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld says it’s the first traffic arrest Israeli police have--based on a homemade video by suspects. The video clip show’s the car’s speedometer pushed to its max--passengers clapping as the driver picks up speed. The men are heard on video, debating where to post the video online—apparently choosing Facebook, for absolute publicity and absolute stupidity.

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