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Try a $25,000 Bill in Unpaid Toll Bridge Fines 998 NY Crossings Add Up

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by copythis

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It's worse than the infamous "boot" related to unpaid parking tickets: A New Yorker's been hit with roughly $25,000--accused of crossing toll bridges nearly 1,000 times without paying.

The Port Authority claims Staten Island's Alfred Buono made 998 trips over about eight years , between March 2003 and May 2011 -- choosing not to pay his E-ZPass bill. So New York's taking him to Court, filing a state Supreme Court lawsuit over the unpaid toll fees. This isn't the first Port Authority suit. New York actually has several hundred lawsuits pending against people who have unpaid tolls -- and the state wants its money back. They just take awhile to do it. Like nearly a decade.

Cameras snap pictures of drivers with lapsed or expired E-ZPasses, as vehicles head through the crossings -- and it turns out those photos can come back to haunt drivers. New York might just have a hard time locating the driver for the lawsuit: His last, listed address isn't so good anymore.


Staten Island, NY
United States
40° 35' 0.3768" N, 74° 8' 58.5168" W
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