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Trailer Park Mom Shoots Kid Lighting Cigarette with Dumped Derringer Gun

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by copythat

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There once was a lady, a California trailer park and a gun. Or a lady, a California trailer park and a cigarette lighter. If you ask the lady, she thought it was the latter. That's how she ended up shooting her own kid with a .22 handgun. The cigarette didn't get lit, but the Derringer burned one hell of a hole in her daughter's arm.
Apparently this was a case of 'finder's, keepers.' Some people simply don't question where things come from, nor make any attempt to return a lost item to its rightful owner.
30-year-old Rachel Avila was apparently hanging outside of her mobile home -- with her 12-year-old daughter -- in Banning, California, while chatting with friends. The fact that other people were present, and still not a full brain on the scene, makes the story even more startling. After finding what she assumed to be a cigarette lighter outside her front porch, Rachel Avila decided to light up. The only problem: The lady pulled the 'trigger' to light her cigarette -- and really pulled the trigger.
As it turned out, someone had dumped a North American Arms .22 outside of Avila's mobile home. Her kid might've escaped her mom's stupidity had the gun been fired once. And the kid might have escaped unscathed had anyone else thought to question the excellent fabrication of that 'cigarette lighter.' On the second firing, things did light up -- though it wasn't a cigarette. The .22 round, fortunately for the 12-year-old, hit the ground before ricocheting --and lodging itself in the kid's upper right arm.
The irony: All those dumb people, and it's the poor kid that gets hurt.


Banning, CA
United States
33° 55' 32.0556" N, 116° 52' 35.076" W
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