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Robber Wants Whole Enchilada Ends Up Whacked by Empanadas

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by hearit

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Cash registers aren't light and a New Mexico robber who wanted the "whole enchilada" got whacked instead -- by a whole lot of empanadas.

The "Amigos Mexican Food" restaurant in Deming, New Mexico, was already in the process of being robbed when the thief decided to just take the whole thing -- opting to grab the entire cash register instead of demanding it be opened.

Rule #1 in any situation: never mess with an angry Latin woman. Between the two options of "fight or flight", a female employee of the Mexican joint opted for the former: a wallop to the back of the head -- skillfully delivered using a package of empanadas -- proved very effective. The cash register's cord had become caught in the robber's efforts for 'less is more' attempts toward efficiency, providing the perfect opening for the empanada attack.

The woman apparently packs a wallop with those empanadas -- the robber seen covering his head as he ran away from Amigo's.


Amigo's Mexican Food
1202 East Poplar Street
Deming, NM 88030-4813
United States
Phone: (575) 546-6841
32° 15' 40.6548" N, 107° 44' 42.108" W
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