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Prescription Drug Dealer Busted After 911 Pocket Dials From Georgia Cell Phone

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by hearit

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Pocket-dialing: an intrusion on our own privacy and one of the most dangerous forms of an accidental dial. A drug dealer will never leave his phone unlocked again after busting himself through 911.

Apparently 911 operators don't have a lot to do in certain parts of Georgia near one or two in the morning. On May 17 a Georgia state emergency dispatcher received a call that was obviously not deemed an emergency -- but she listened in anyway. What she got was an earful of juicy info that gave law enforcement something to do: "several individuals talking about a drug transaction involving prescription narcotics."

Authorities quickly "triangulated the cell phone signal" -- a process, no doubt, made quicker through the GPS technology now required to be built into all current mobile phones.

The GPS technology inclusion, now required of mobile phone manufacturers, was because of a law touted to help ensure personal safety. The guy who's busted probably isn't feeling so safe right about now. Deputies zeroed in on a Waffle House restaurant on Lanier Islands Parkway in Georgia.

When a deputy arrived at the Waffle House restaurant, the 911 dispatcher was able to confirm the physical location of the drug dealer after hearing the officer's voice coming over the cell phone line.

An 18-year-old male soon found himself confronted by law enforcement -- and informed he'd actually been on the phone line with an emergency operator for several minutes. 911 ensured the phone call had been recorded and had some tidbits about a drug deal involving prescription medication.

The guy admits his cell phone had "somehow 'pocket-dialed' 911. That may be because of other 'extras' he had in his pockets. He's been charged with illegal possession of prescription medications including Hydrocodone (the generic form of the painkiller prescribed as Vicodin, Lortab or Norco) and Xanax tablets.

Apparently there's four entities not to add to a cell phone list for unintended speed-dial: ex-girlfriends or ex-boyfriends, any extra-marital affair, law enforcement -- or emergency services. Only two can prosecute -- all four can make your life hell.


Waffle House Restaurant
4770 Lanier Islands Pkwy
Buford, GA 30519
United States
34° 8' 31.2108" N, 83° 57' 10.008" W
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