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Perez Hilton Shows Kendra Sex Tape Video with No Login Required

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by copythis

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In The News

Now Perez Hilton has decided to make classless photos and porn sex tape clips available, including Kendra Wilkinson’s new sex tape footage—all without any required login or age verification. The new Unrated Perez homepage include the standard ever-so-classy, 5-year-old ‘artistic’ drawings—just like his other website—but with a porn twist so that users can experience new levels of revulsion.

Amazingly, Perez Hilton headlines on the Unrated Perez site include the likes of ‘Kesha Nude and Covered in Cum’.

At what point does someone file a lawsuit and get it over already?

To add “ scum” to the array of descriptive that Hilton’s already had attributed to him, seems Perez has now gotten desperate: users can view footage of the Kendra Wilkinson sex tapes—all entirely without any login or age verification required in order to watch the Wilkinson sex tape. Just hit play on the Perez Hilton (Unrated Perez) website, and porn is at your fingertips—which means porn is also at the fingertips of kids.

For those that gag at the thought of him, let alone a sighting, Perez Hilton is in the news again—on tv, ‘showing off’ what he apparently believes to be a sexy new physique. News flash, Perez: you’re no sexier than you were before—and weight isn’t the issue. ‘Fat’ or ‘thin’, it leaves you with the same personality—and same IQ.

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