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Officer Sets up Sting Op on Friend Who Offers Sharing Pot

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by hearit

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Some friendships were never meant to be: a text message, intended to be between old friends, didn’t spark a reuniting—but it did spark an arrest. The answer to a text message inquiring, "So do you smoke weed?" began a spiral of events which seem to indicate a resounding “no” from the text recipient.

Amanda Williams is a reserve police officer with the Early Police Department in Texas. Early is roughly 120 miles southwest of Fort Worth—and, it would seem, a city with not a lot of activity. Early's city population is about 2,588.

Reserve officer Williams reported that she’d received the text message a few days before--the text message elaborating on potential plans for the two old “friends” to get together, to smoke some marijuana.

Williams says she hadn’t spoken to the man in awhile, and he didn’t know that she’d become a police officer—or a “reserve” one. The cop agreed to meet the man at a park, apparently to perform her own “sting” operation. The pot smoker seems to have been deemed a highly dangerous criminal by the reserve officer, and a takedown was obviously required.

Yes, this was a serious situation—one even requiring “backup”: both Early police and Texas troopers were on hand to detain the man from San Angelo, who now faces a marijuana possession charge.

“With friends like that…

The man arrested can fill in the blank.

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