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New Yorker Has Bad Aim in Tossing a Baggie of Pot to Cop Car Hood

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by copythat

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If you've got a bag of pot, perhaps throwing it onto a police cruiser isn't the best idea. A New Yorker's got some seriously bad aim while trying to ditch a baggie of marijuana. But--maybe stupider yet--probably wouldn't have been throwing a bag of weed from a moving car in the first place, had he not been standing through a sunroof.

A guy's attempt to ditch drugs from a moving car didn't go so well. The pot landing in the wrong place was dumber than dumb. But the reason he got caught is just plain stupid: New York State Troopers threw on lights to pull over a vehicle carrying 20-year-old Sean Schmidt -- because his upper body was sticking out of a sunroof. The guy was also lucky not to have chopped himself in half by an overpass. He chose to ditch a baggie of marijuana when some sunroof idiocy caught the attention of cops.

Troopers didn't have to wonder if drugs were also present: Schmidt allegedly threw a bag of weed from the traveling car -- a baggie which neatly landed on the hood of the trooper's patrol car.

It appears someone needs a course in physics -- and a quick refresher in basic geometry. The 20-year-old may have seriously helped himself out by sitting down first.

Adding insult to injury, troopers added a seat belt ticket to the marijuana possession.


Buffalo, NY
United States
42° 53' 11.2092" N, 78° 52' 42.1284" W
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