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Man Claims Rock Cocaine in Buttocks not His but Says Weed is

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by hearit

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Florida sheriff's deputies got more than they bargained for during a speeding stop—instead discovering bags of marijuana and crack cocaine between a man's buttocks. They also got a “quote of the day”: Raymond Stanley Roberts allegedly told officers "The white stuff [aka cocaine] is not mine, but the weed is." The alleged statement about the drugs is a bit baffling, considering common location and all. Apparently the man only meant to transport the weed, and somebody else must have ‘snuck’ in the coke when he wasn’t looking. Manatee County Sheriffs say they initally stopped the 25-year-old Roberts in Bradenton for traffic speeding—an activity typically wise to avoid when transporting illegal drugs like “crack”. The second thing to avoid: transporting an odiferous drug which could attract notice of the more illicit one being concurrently carried. Officers say they smelled pot, then performed a search of Roberts. The source of the marijuana odor was narrowed down—emanating from a bag of pot which officers say they found located between Roberts' buttocks. Perhaps very unfortunately for Roberts, sheriffs say they additionally discovered another bag in the same location—containing 27 pieces of rock cocaine, aka “crack”. Apparently someone forgot to tell Roberts about adding coffee to the mix.

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