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Man Checks Into Prison After Sewing 15 Marijuana Joints Into Underwear

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by copythis

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He'd originally gotten himself a 15-year prison term for possession of cocaine -- but one guy's added a new drug charge, with 15 marijuana joints sewn into his underwear, before even starting his sentence. 41-year-old Dontas Marshall had been out on bond but expeditiously turned himself over for booking, at his court sentencing hearing. While being booked into the Clark County Jail, the new prisoner seemed to have an aroma of marijuana emanating from his person -- despite the fact that no drugs had been found during routine "pat-down" procedures. It had been noted that Marshall seemed to be "clenching his buttocks" during the intake process. Apparently the new prisoner decided he'd rather avoid a strip-search -- finally admitting to possession of a marijuana joint in his boxers. It seems Marshall may have been preparing for each of his forthcoming 15 years: when cops cut the underwear, they actually discovered fifteen marijuana joints rather than one: a joint for each year of Marshall's scheduled prison term. Unfortunately for Marshall, he may have been a bit short in that estimate -- now facing criminal charges, and prison time, based on the amount of pot he attempted to bring into the prison.

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