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Home Invasion Robber Shot by Accomplice During Break-In Wichita

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by hearit

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In The News

Mom always says, "choose your friends carefully" -- but one robber didn't listen. Opening 2011 in a special way, the city of Wichita, Kansas, has its first homicide victim of the year: a robber, shot accidentally by his accomplice in a home robbery invasion.
To the other thief's (partial) credit, he did take the guy he shot to the ER. Or someone did anyway. 30-year-old Andre Lovett was delivered to a hospital emergency room around 10 p.m., before the driver took off. Lovett suffered a single gunshot wound that proved fatal.
Apparently Lovett and another man were in the process of robbing a house -- a residence that was occupied by four people at the time -- when the shooting occurred. Those at the home say the men weren't arguing.
Investigators say they are looking for the person who usually drives the vehicle in which Lovett was taken to the hospital. For any information less vague, citizens will have to contact the Wichita Police Department directly.

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