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FedEx Rig Driver Jackknifes while Choking on Pork Rinds

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by copythis

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In The News

A state Trooper in Washington says the driver of a FedEx tractor-trailer rig literally choked--on spicy pork rinds, causing the truck’s driver to lose control of the rig on an interstate, where the rig jackknifed before coming to a final halt in a muddy ditch.
Washington State Trooper Leary says Edward Sutherland was driving the involved FedEx rig from Blaine, located near the U.S.-Canadian border, when the truck’s driver began choking on offending, spicy pork rinds—causing the rig to veer across lanes and across the median, into oncoming northbound lanes of Interstate 5 (I-5).
Fortunately the FedEx rig didn't hit any other cars or vehicles traveling from the opposite direction, after crossing the median and jackknifing. The 42-year-old rig driver has suffered only minor injuries—but, since the nation is suffering an economic crisis, law enforcement couldn’t pass up the opportunity for issuing a moving violation citation: the rig’s driver will be cited for “driving with wheels off the roadway”.
Apparently there was no “posing a hazard through choking on pork rinds” law available for enforcement.

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