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Drunk Delaware Burglar Robs House Twice Gets Locked Inside Calls 911

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by hearit

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Wilmington, Delaware, police had to escort a burglar out of house that was the scene of a break-in – after the burglar called 911 to report that he was too drunk to make his way back out, after owners installed interior locks following his previous break-in.
New Castle County police in Delaware helped 44-year-old John Finch extricate himself from the home where was trapped – unfortunately for the burglar, it was the same spot he’d chosen to burglarize 9 months previous, back in April. After that break-in, the homeowners had changed the locks -- including interior locks, to then require a key from even the inside.
The lock change baffled the prior burglar and kept him in, rather than out – but home alone. The house’s residents happened to be out of town, so the burglar ended up staying for a few days and helping himself to the home’s alcoholic contents. The would-be robber polished off three bottles of gin and two bottles of whiskey – making it a bit hard to depart than enter, too drunk to exit the window where he’d previously entered, and without keys to the interior locks.
911 had to help the burglar out, at his request, and in exchange he’ll be getting a free stay: the burglar’s now facing charges related to both break-ins. "This Old House" claims that "interior door locks only prevent nuisance entry — they won't keep bad guys at bay," though they apparently didn't take high alcohol consumption into account. Ironically, had the burglar not broken into the same home twice, interior locks wouldn'tt have prevented his leave – even after five bottles of liquor.


Wilmington, DE
United States
39° 44' 44.9988" N, 75° 32' 48.0012" W
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