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Colorado Bear Drives Corolla Car into Thicket Honks Horn

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by copythis

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A Colorado bear jumped into an empty car, honked the vehicle’s horn--then sent the car rolling 125 feet into a thicket—all in search of a sandwich.

The Story family was sleeping, in their home south of Denver, when the bear used an unlocked door of a 2008 Toyota Corolla--to jump inside. The bear’s focus: a peanut butter sandwich left on the Corolla’s back seat.

While trying to obtain the sandwich, the bear apparently knocked the shifter on the automatic transmission into neutral--sending the car down the driveway and into the thicket. The Corolla’s door slammed shut when the car came to a sudden stop, in turn trapping the bear inside of the Story’s car.

Neighbors phoned emergency police and deputies were able to free the trapped bear by opening the Corolla’s car door with a rope—all from a distance. The bear’s fine, but the Story family will need a new car—the vehicle’s interior destroyed during the bear’s attempted escape.

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