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Car Thief Chews Out Mother for Leaving Son in Stolen Texas Vehicle

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by hearit

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A Texas mom got two cents and then some—the guy responsible for stealing her vehicle chews her out after she’d left her son in the stolen car. The boy was temporarily missing along with the missing car—until the thief apparently thought better of it, returning the car along with the kid.
In Galveston, Texas police officers say a 22-year-old mother and her boyfriend parked early in the morning, to go fishing. After carting the fishing gear down to the beach, the couple decided it was too cold for the kid—so the mom took her son back to the car—starting the engine and heater. Unfortunately she returned to the beach to help her boyfriend get the fishing gear.
A car thief spotted the opportunity—of the running vehicle. He hopped inside, and took off—with both warmed-up car and child. The car thief returned with the vehicle a few minutes later—to yell at the couple for leaving the child in the car.
Perhaps he thief believes is a proponent for condoms--like this funny European commercial video that suggests it may be wiser to just use condoms.

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