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Bad Luck Bandit Steals Ten Grand then Runs Out of Gas

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by hearit

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In The News

Wenatchee police dub a 47-year-old Tacoma man the "Bad Luck Bandit"— filing first-degree theft charges against a Washington man, after the alleged thief ran out of gas while he was leaving a Native American collectibles store in Washington. Police say the thief had originally left the store by vehicle but Wenatchee police found the man on foot--after his car stalled about 50 feet from its original parking spot.

Police found the man who was out of gas while responding to reported thefts by the store owner--unfortunately for the "Bad Luck Bandit", the stolen goods were still on him when the car's gas tank fizzled. Apparently there wasn't enough time to hawk the goods in order to fill the tank. The man is suspected of stealing Indian collectibles, and was physically in possession of several necklaces stolen from the Antique Mall—additionally suspected of stealing a beaded Native American ceremonial garment bearing a price tag of $10,500.

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