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ARMY Soldiers Rob Marijuana Pot Dispensary Lock Themselves Inside for Police

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by hearit

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In The News

Clinton says he smoked pot but “did not inhale”--a trio of ARMY soldiers claims it broke into a marijuana dispensary but was not there to rob (or smoke) it.
And so the story goes: U.S. Army soldiers allegedly break into a Colorado medical marijuana dispensary. All might have gone well for the Fort Carson soldiers--23-year-old Pfc. Darius Thomas, 22-year-old Pvt. Cory Young and 22-year-old Pfc. Ramone Hollins--had the “men of true genius” not accidentally locked themselves inside of the pot dispensary before being able to rob it of its weed.
The story now: those soldiers were supposedly planning to “destroy” the mounds of marijuana. Heck, no, the ARMY soldiers now claim: they weren’t planning to smoke or sell the pot.
So, while former U.S. President Clinton says he didn’t inhale—he only had to depend on himself for the “story”. A story tends to “work” only when those involved stick to the same one—and it seems that hasn’t quite been happening. Police affidavit originally reflects two of the three Fort Carson Army soldiers as telling police officers that they were trying to steal the marijuana, so that they could get rid of it.
Now, the ARMY soldiers claim, they were trying to destroy the drug. No mention of destroying the pot for what reason--or what would legally allow the military men to do so.
The Fort Carson ARMY headquarters in Colorado touts itself as “Home of America’s Best” and, if that’s the case, the military base may now have a hard time in touting that idea: the three soldiers have been arrested on burglary charges after the unplanned, accidental “lock-in” that took place at the Colorado Springs pot dispensary.
Looks like some soldiers will be shelling out some cash--for a Defense team--instead of raking in the bucks.
To add insult to injury, members of “America’s best” couldn’t at least be caught in a somewhat cool or dramatic way. The ARMY soldiers surely destined to be the butt of many a military joke: police officers were on an entirely unrelated call, to a nearby business at around two in the morning, when the police heard someone banging on glass inside of the marijuana dispensary. Colorado Springs Police helped them out of the pot dispensary building, to help the soldiers in-to a cell.
No word on whether some action inside of the marijuana dispensary led to the lack of exit.


Department of the ARMY: Fort Carson
1611 McDonald Street BLDG 1519
Fort Carson, CO 80913-7000
United States
Phone: (719) 526-3029
Fax: (719) 524-2033
38° 44' 19.9716" N, 104° 47' 19.8024" W
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