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Maylong Group Steals Warranty Return GPS Unit then Hides Behind Voice Mailbox

submitted by MusicalMan7

Lies, lies and more lies

submitted by Chantel

Expose Ranklogix SEO company!!

submitted by Luigi

British Airways BA Charges Customers Twice to Keep Paid Mileage Purchased Already

submitted by copythat

Bad Date Turns Worse as Ditching Turns to Hitching After Stolen Ride

submitted by editor
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I returned the car with the tank full, and Hertz charged me another tank ($187.00)!!!

submitted by Andre Diniz

Craiglists rent scam

submitted by Visitor
More Send Emails About Facebook Fake Reunion Pages

submitted by venusrising

Samsung Kies Update Kies_2.3.2.12054_19_1 Broken No outlook Synch

submitted by wombat

If Your Heart Drops Pick It Up and Brush It Off Then Maybe Tell the Transplant Patient

submitted by editor
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Stupid Scion xD Tire Jack Location Under Front Seat

submitted by mkiller

What it's like to visit a tourist trap restaurant

submitted by audreyr

BEWARE! US Airways not handling Complaints

submitted by JustMee
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