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Stupid Scion xD Tire Jack Location Under Front Seat

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by mkiller

mkiller's picture
In My Life

Why the heck is my tire jack located under the drivers seat. I have a 2010 Black Scion, I love it and find it to be very peppy and fun to drive. My only complaint with it so far is the location of the tire jack.

I found myself with a flat tire, of course the car had to be smack up against the curb which made changing the tire a bit of a challenge. I opened the trunk to get out and tire jack. Being a new car everything should be in the trunk with the spare tire or so I thought. I got out the spare and found the jack handle but where the heck was the jack? I looked all through the trunk and was beginning to wonder if it was something no longer provided. I spoke to my sister who said there was no way there would be a jack handle or a new car without a tire jack. She decided to look it up. She found posts via the internet that stated it was under the front seat.

Who puts a tire jack under the front seat with the jack handle in the trunk compartment when there is plenty of room for the jack to? Toyota and Scion this just seems like one of the dumbest design moves ever.

Thanks to the people at that had a video showing how to locate the jack.

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