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Craiglists rent scam

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by Visitor

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In My Life

So I saw an rent ad posting on
I have sent an email to inquire for contact infomation that I can follow up the landlord.
I was innocent and dumb.
A guy whose name is: Andrew Wood and his lawyer Richard Steward they required to
get the first month paid and deposit, which is 1250 USD in total to be transferred via western union, and he promised me that I would receive the key of his fake apartment, which is at 44 Gerrard St. West, Toronto. But guess what, they asked for more money after, and the reason is that he experienced something bad which was about a Japanese told him not to rent his place after he was all the way down to Toronto from Manchester. Their address is 74 Princess st, Manchester.
I was dumb to send him 1250 dollars but later on I realized I got scammed.
RUN if you ever saw any rent ad without pictures or contact numbers on the website.
They kept calling themselves having a fear of God, I was so freaking pissed since these trash they will get punished one day. THEY WILL PAY FOR THEIR CRIMINAL ACTS!!!!! please do not contact any landlord who is out of town. Please make sure the certificate of ownership and everything. They can fakely make everything. They do not care about others but money. FUCK THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!

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