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I returned the car with the tank full, and Hertz charged me another tank ($187.00)!!!

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by Andre Diniz

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In My Life

On June 11, I picked up a Corolla at Orlando International Airport (MCO) (RR 586927810 Res F4913638357 / ADFW). I was offered to buy a full tank for a cheaper price, so that I would not have to fill the tank before leaving it at the airport. I refused because I thought I could do it on my way to Miami International Airport (MIA) (the return location). At that time, I found something could be strange because in Brazil (I rented it through a respectable travel agency), I was informed that nothing would be charged, that everything was paid, and the clerk told me there would be an estimated charge of $34.75. As I was picking up the car 27 min before the due hour (I was supposed to get the car at noon and it was 11:30), he charged me one extra day without telling me anything about it. I was tired and in a hurry to get to my hotel and said it was OK.

On June 19, on my way to the airport (approximately 10 min away from it), I filled the tank and went on. As I needed some change, I decided to pay it in cash, and did not even care to get a receipt.

Upon returning the car, at 2:30 p.m., the clerk checked the exterior, asked for the keys, entered and did not say anything, just reminded me to take the GPS stick off the windshield. I was certain she entered the car to check the fuel and I did not even think of going there and calling her attention to the full tank.

She simply gave me a receipt and, as I was on time for my check-in, I hurried to the MIA mover and calmly checked in my luggage.

About 20 minutes before my depart to Brazil, I decided to take a look at the receipt, to try to figure out the charges and insurances and fees. To my surprise, I saw a $187.29 charge - almost the amount I had prepaid in Brazil for the 8-day rent. The total was divided into some items: 1) Fuel + SVC $9.29GL/Tank Cap 13.2 T$122.63; 2) Concession Fee Recovery T$12.26; 3) Tax 6.500% on $122.63 $8.70; 4) the rest I could not figure out from the receipt. There was a line in the receipt that stated: Fuel: Full 8/8 OUT 0/8 IN.

I was aware that, if the tank were empty, I would have to pay that amount. However, my travel agent had informed me that I had a choice to fill the tank before returning the car (less convenient, but perfectly feasible). The clerk at the Hertz counter in Orlando told me the same thing. I acted exactly as I was informed I could by the company's clerk. This charge was totally unfair. The tank was full and I had to pay for it again!

I tried calling Hertz customer service at that same time (I was almost boarding the plane), but the company's representative asked me if I had paid using a credit card (I had not) and if I had a receipt (I did not). Then she said I had to talk to the manager at MIA, gave his/her phone number and transfered me to the MIA office. Nobody answered. I called it on my stop in Atlanta and nobody answered again.

I have already filed a complaint at Hertz website, but there was no response. I prefer to think of all this situation (being charged for a full tank, as if i had not filled the tank 10 min before) as a mistake that can be corrected with no damage for either parties. It was my first time renting a car in the US, and this is not the kind of experience I thought I would go through, being cheated by a well-known company such as Hertz.

To be honest, I am afraid this might be happening to other tourists coming to the States (trusting the company's fame and not checking every detail when charged by Hertz).

I am really looking forward to the best way to solving the problem.

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hey that's really hard to

September 13, 2012 by BrandenSeira, 11 years 44 weeks ago

BrandenSeira's picture

hey that's really hard to read that you faced such unexpected problem,why haven't you taken any action over it,its none of your fault then you should have raise an question.

I had the same thing happen

January 9, 2013 by thomas37, 11 years 27 weeks ago

thomas37's picture

I had the same thing happen to me, made me so mad. I never got it fixed because it was too much of a headache.

I am also facing the same

November 29, 2013 by DavidMurphy (not verified), 10 years 33 weeks ago

DavidMurphy's picture

I am also facing the same issues..I am still in a fix for it's solution..What are the other alternatives of it?They dinged me too and now I am out the money.

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February 15, 2018 by sam done (not verified), 6 years 21 weeks ago

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