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BEWARE! US Airways not handling Complaints

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by JustMee

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In My Life

While employed w/ US Air they pushed their ticket, gate & baggage agent to send all complaints to the local Station Mngr's email address so those complaints would not have to be reported to the DOT. You know those numbers come out on T.V. & radio about airline complaints? Well US Air's are grossly under reported. Since America West merged w US Air, US Air has been doing some under handed stuff to improve their stats. including, but ( DEFINITELY) not limited to firing agents doing proper procedures instead of covering the behind of US Air's mistakes! BEWARE! Inform yourself before you travel US Air, then you can know for sure when you are getting proper service or just getting screwed! PS. Be aware the agents you are talking to no longer have ANY control over actual customer service (as we use to w America West) although agents would really want to help you out, it is now a choice of assisting you properly or having a job!

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Nice post! As we can see

February 15, 2014 by RochelleW. (not verified), 10 years 22 weeks ago

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Nice post! As we can see people go to fitness centers to get healthy, but too often they may also be getting swindled. According to the Better Business Bureau, around 9,400 complaints were filed last year against fitness experts, fitness centers and health clubs. That is 15 percent higher than in the previous year. But there are things you can watch for and things you can do to stay away from being taken to the cleaners. Get more information at: