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What it's like to visit a tourist trap restaurant

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by audreyr

audreyr's picture
In My Life

You see a beautiful restaurant with a lovely large balcony seating area in front. It looks upscale, like you'd go there for an anniversary date.
You walk in and the smiling hostess seats you.
Then you realize that you are sitting in dirty chairs. There's a bad odor on the balcony, and an even weirder odor coming from the kitchen when you walk through to use the restroom. It's not food.
The food comes out, and it's burning hot in parts and icy cold in other parts. The sauce looks and tastes slimy. Everything is full of cornstarch. You start to feel sick.
You ask for a fork, and they come back with one 20 minutes later.
Feeling awful about the experience, you ask for the check and try to get out of there as fast as possible. You offer a 10-15% tip to show your dissatisfaction, but that doesn't change your bill of $25/person.
That is what tourist trap restaurants are like.

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