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Expose Ranklogix SEO company!!

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by Luigi

Luigi's picture
In My Life

Hi my name is Luigi and I am a recent victim of an online scam.
Are you familiar with an SEO company called Ranklogix? I paid to the company 2000USD for them to build my site ranking on SEO. I asked them to show me where I can see the prepared links with my keywords in them. This way, I would tell if they were really genuine. What set off red flags for me was the fact that I received my first report (after insisting) from them, and the report that was not satisfactory. The links were incomplete! I tried calling Mark Kreischer (who also uses the name Chris Barnes). After patiently waiting, I got an email from the guy saying that the results can be seen only after 8months.
I decided to share my experience because I felt this was a phony and decided to inform many about this fraudulent act. I personally hate bait & switch tactics! Just tell the truth up-front and let people make an informed decision whether their interested or not without all the games! Here are their details:
Ranklogix SEO company
Corporate Address: 7170 Summit Dr Winter Haven Florida 33884
Field: Marketing/PR

Websites: , ,

Manager:Chris Barnes(863)877-1686 // Owner: Mark Kreischer;contact: +1 973 626 4474

Location: Based in New York , USA, London and Australia.

You should avoid doing business with Ranklogix I can provide proof to anyone interested on this, but absolutely Ranklogix is a scam after doing some very rudimentary research. it is companies like Ranklogik that give the Internet a bad name!!!

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