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Lies, lies and more lies

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by Chantel

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In My Life

I was trying to get on my husband’s special plan from Sprint. We were told by a sprint customer service representative via their web chat that we could do it so we set off to a Sprint store. After an hour of waiting and the sales guy messing with our accounts, we found out that we in fact couldn’t do it. An hour later while talking with a Sprint rep and Sprint manager on the phone we in deed found out we couldn’t do this and had what the store clerk messed up fixed. A day later I spent another hour on the phone with a Sprint rep and manager trying to figure out why we were deceived/ lied to. Everything got resolved and I was told when my contract was up next month I could get everything I wanted. Three weeks later I got a notice in the mail from Sprint stating my contract end date was not next 2012 but really 2013. So once again I called up the wonderful unhelpful people at Sprint to find out why my contract wasn’t up for another year when I was told by 3 different individuals (The store clerk, a Sprint manager and a Sprint representative) that my contract was up next month. Further research into my account revealed that yes my contract wasn’t up until the following year. Talking to a manager about why I was lied to got me nothing other than… “I wasn’t in the conversation so I cannot attest to what you were told” and “they did not lie to you, it was just human error” and “there is nothing I can do.” To that I say 3 different people at 3 different times is not human error!!!!!! and being lied to and given such a headache over a stupid phone company who is incompetent and doesn’t care about good customer service should go out of business.

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So, are you going to stick it

June 13, 2012 by wombat, 12 years 5 weeks ago

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So, are you going to stick it out until your contract is up? There was a woman I read about that was in a billing hell with them for a year so bad that it made her so stressed out and Sprint would not do anything. I searched everywhere and cannot find it anymore. I really think that maybe they had it "Cleaned" off of the internet or something, seems crazy that it is totally gone though I am not surprised.

Your whole scenario sounds like it would have made me go through the roof.

As much as I would like to

June 13, 2012 by Chantel, 12 years 4 weeks ago

Chantel's picture

As much as I would like to cancel, I don't want to waist my hard earned money to cancel my contract when they are the one's at falt. But when my contract is up, so is my service with them.