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Cookie Monster Sex Offender Busts Himself Greets Parole Officer at Iowa Fair

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by editor

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​"You know you're a stupid sex offender when"... you approach your parole officer at the local Iowa fair while dressed as the 'Cookie Monster'--in a place filled with kids. It's kind of a parole violation, being around a bunch of children. And it requires a genius IQ to bust yourself while already in costume.
A registered sex offender got the responsibility of greeting small children as they entered the Mississippi Valley Fair in Iowa. The 25-year-old obviously needed a job. Anyone who's willing to dress up as the 'Cookie Monster', in heat, does. The only problem: He really wasn't supposed to be around kids.
Apparently the private company, 'Q.C. Characters', which hired the registered sex offender to perform fair-greeting duties, didn't bother with a background check. Maybe the company figured times are tough--that more than one person is willing to dress up in a Sesame Street outfit.
Perhaps fortunately for children, but very unfortunately for him, the swiftest-of-the-swift decided to reveal himself--and take off that 'Cookie Monster' head, to greet his very own parole officer. James Rogers allegedly lifted the 'Cookie Monster' costume head off his shoulders, to to say "Hello" to a parole officer who'd handled the case against him.
To top it off, the sex offender asked the parole officer if he remembered him. It seems that parole officer did in fact remember Rogers -- the sex offender previously convicted of sexual acts with a minor. Rogers found himself busted for a sex offender employment violation, now facing up to two years in prison for being at the fairgrounds. He's lucky he's not getting another two years for stupidity.


Mississippi Valley, IA
United States
32° 45' 11.4228" N, 117° 7' 35.3676" W
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