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Bad Date Turns Worse as Ditching Turns to Hitching After Stolen Ride

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There's bad dates and then there's worse ones: Time stolen from life, through dating the wrong person, may be a waste--but stolen property adds insult to injury. A Florida dating scenario turned to an all-time low when a guy didn't just ditch his date at a movie but forced her to hitch a ride home another way, after stealing her ride.
27-year-old Michael Pratt's accused of a bit of dishonesty -- but it doesn't have to do with the norm of cheating. A movie date turned to stolen goods. The woman's lucky stupidity can't be prosecuted for actively handing over access to your own property, to sort of make you an accessory in yourself being robbed.
Pratt allegedly told his date for the evening that he was headed to the car to retrieve something. And he apparently did. Just not his something of his own.
The woman handed over her car keys and when, oddly, Pratt didn't return, she gave him a call. Call it intuition -- something prompted the woman to phone police when the cell phone communication wasn't returned. That wouldn't be all that wasn't returned. He'd apparently made off with her car. But there was a glitch there too: The car didn't technically belong to the woman, since it was a recent rental. She was however responsible for its safety.
Pratt did eventually return her call -- just four days later. The dating scenario turned sour apparently ended with a dumped Ford Focus. Of course it's no surprise the rental car was discovered at a Walmart. And while women may joke about background checks before dating, one could've proven worthwhile in this situation: He kind of has a criminal record -- for pertaining to the same crime. Those weren't just accusations. He served more than a year, in prison, for fraud, forged bills and perhaps (kind of forgetting) failing to return rental property.
If the woman can't save herself from bad decisions, the guy may do it for her. He's been sitting in jail, unavailable for dates.


Tampa, FL
United States
27° 57' 2.07" N, 82° 27' 25.8408" W
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