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Weatherman Gives BBC TV News Anchor the Middle Finger

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by hearit

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In The News

Across the pond, a BBC News channel’s weatherman has flipped his news anchor the bird. Anchor Simon McCoy, in transferring to the TV station’s forthcoming weather segment, announced to regular British viewers that upcoming weather info would be "100% accurate and provide all the detail you could possibly want." Cameras quickly narrowed in on a shot of weatherman Tomasz Schafernaker—where he was currently engaged in a middle-finger response to McCoy’s sarcastic transfer. The episode included an additionally unplanned, audible gasp from McCoy's female co-host.Weatherman Schafernaker, realizing he’d been ‘caught on camera’, at least attempted a cover-up gesture of rubbing his face. When cameras transferred back to McCoy, the anchor replied: "Every now and then there's always one mistake, that was it." It’s possible the ‘mistake’ was actually less of one than Schafernaker’s previous-- The weatherman’s not new to apologizing for on-air offenses: just three years ago, Schafernaker chose to include an on-air and personal opinion of the Western Isles and west Highlands of Scotland, choosing to describe the area as "nowheresville" during a live BBC weather broadcast. BBC’s apology is short and to the point—though not as pointed as Schafernaker’s: Weatherman "Tomasz [Schafernaker] was not aware that he was on air, and whilst the [middle finger] gesture was only shown for a second, it was not acceptable," issued the BBC. Those in “nowheresville” might consider it more acceptable.

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