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Weatherman Can't Stop Laughing Over Dummy Head Blown Off by Fireworks

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by underthesea

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In The News

Weathermen don’t always get the best slot in a news lineup--this guy got stuck delivering weather after a fireworks safety announcement and can't stop laughing. Florida Fox News weatherman Jim Syoen repeatedly re-enacts a dummy having its head blown off by fireworks.

“It’s that time of year again, Fourth of July, and safety experts are giving their annual reminder of what happens when you mix body parts with fireworks” [pan to a dummy bending over “fireworks”, immediately getting his head blown off”]

News anchor voiceover for a “sparkler” warning is simultaneously shown with video footage of a dummy bending over a very large explosive, the dummy suddenly having its entire head blown off (by far more than a “sparkler”) while the voiceover says: “For those of you who think those sparklers are harmless for your children, this one burns at about two thousand degrees.”

That highlight’s followed by: “Experts also say, never relight duds” [pan to an image of a still video shot with nothing happening, simply a standing dummy a missing head]

Transfer to Fox News Channel 4 weatherman Jim Syoen, the weatherman who can’t stop laughing about fireworks safety and continues to re-enact the public safety announcement:

“My favorite is this guy…” [weatherman Jim Syoen bending over, with a background of weather temperatures behind him, mimicking being blown backward by exploding fireworks].

As a side note, Fox News obviously wants this poor guy to maintain a blog. With weather lacking excitement already, this poor weatherman gets stuck trying to (routinely) write about weather.

If the weatherman isn’t drunk in this “fireworks” video clip, maybe he has good reason to have a few drinks.

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