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$75 Japanese Square Watermelons Hit New York

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by copythis

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Japan is working to fit a square peg in a round hole as the first US shipments of square watermelons arrive to New York, at only $75 each.
An expensive gift in Japan, the 2001 birth of the square watermelon isn't new but it's arrival to the States marks an unforgettable introduction-or at least an expensive one. A fruit company in Panama just sent its first shipment of square watermelons, headed for sale in New York. The square watermelons aren't genetically modified. A simple concept that goes under the 'why didn't I think of that' category: the watermelons grow inside of a cube-shaped, glass box. As the melons grow, each squeezes itself in to fit the mold.
The question is, how do you rescue that melon when its ready?-smash the glass box? Manufacturing costs might explain that hefty watermelon price-weighing in at about $75. But, hey, those melons are stackable for storage and now you'll be able to hold two in that frig instead of just one. We'll just consider it storage cost. So how much is a star?

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