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Horse Boy Still Unidentified in UK Version of Wheres Waldo

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by editor

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In The News

The mystery man dubbed "horse-boy"—the latest phenomenon in the UK—has now been sighted in Aberdeen. In a real-life version of the United States’ “Where’s Waldo”, people scramble to identify the man wearing a chestnut horse head—throwing the BBC story to over a million hits at week’s end.

“Horse boy” sightings—now also shown on Google Street View—is of an unidentified man wearing dark pants, a purple shirt, and topped with a chestnut and white horse's head. has become a popular attraction on Google's service which offers a detailed photographic map of streets. “Horse boy” has now been sighted in Aberdeen.

Dozens of BBC news website users claim to know the identity of “horse boy”, in a story heading to top the charts—and making “horse boy” the man everyone wants to know.

Stranger yet—as ‘sightings’ of “horse boy” increase, yet others seem to want to be him--sending in photos to BBC, of the mystery man and claiming the identity as their own.

A German man—Stefan Kleen--says he and a friend met horse-boy at a German festival last weekend. Kleen said, "He [the unidentified man known as horse boy] only spoke English so we didn't really talk a lot to him."

Maybe more of a mystery is that the man living in Germany, with the name of Kleen, only speaks English.

“Horse boy” has got a lot of similarities to the main character in the intriguing “Where’s Waldo” series—minus the red and white striped shirt: “Horse boy” seems to be quite the international traveler—supposedly spotted in country after country, and the European media’s following those ‘travels’ that continue to be updated by email and at the BBC website.

Anders Hauge says “horse boy” has been shopping in Haugesund in Norway; John Hammond is convinced “horse boy” was playing golf, relaxing in the bars of Marbella; Julian Sykes says there was a “horse boy” sighting in Cardiff.

John Ainsworth says he saw horse-boy in Norwich in the early part of 2010, walking through Wensum Park, saying "I thought I was hallucinating at first but then realized it was real."

Gareth Remblance pointed out: "Horse boy isn't a person, it's a cheap mask.”

Well, cheap mask or not—it’s still a real person, though possibly more than one—the same man says, “I saw at least three people wearing similar heads at this year's Download Festival in Donington."

“Horse boy” still hasn’t turned up in the United States—but there’s plenty of time.

It’s hard to say whether the “horse boy” is a real-life “Where’s Waldo” version for bored European adults—or if there’s an actual point to the hoax. If there’s a point to it all, that point may be worth money. The BBC News website had more than 874,000 hits 48 hours ago—from those intrigued by the ‘headed’ mystery man—the BBC site’s story topping one million hits by yesterday, numbers shooting up as intrigue follows.


United Kingdom
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