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Playboy Tales Allow Fired Weatherman John Bolaris Time to Watch Football Naked

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by editor

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"The Hangover" is one hell of a popular movie. It seems a weatherman lived it. Well, kind of. The facts are hazy. What's clear is that what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. What happens in Miami Beach gets published in Playboy. Oh, and it's clear that John Bolaris likes to watch football naked. FOX isn't too pleased about the tales.
Philadelphia weatherman John Bolaris took a trip to Miami Beach. That part's for certain. The rest? It's a bit hazy. At least parts of the tale are -- while others seems stunningly clear. With the twists and turns presented by the Philadelphia FOX weatherman of four years, it looks like David Baldacci's got nothing on John Bolaris.
A drunk weatherman isn't unheard of -- and there's been questionably drunk weathermen appearing on TV. Most choose not to publicly air the escapades.
Crazy things can happen when people are drunk. Usually sobriety shakes some sense into any previous stupidity. That is, unless ego proves more powerful than inebriation or intelligence.
John Bolaris came on the Philadelphia scene in 1990. The weatherman's early career garnered him the reputation as a lady's man with a couple of high-profile relationships. That was roughly twenty years ago. But Bolaris doesn't seem to have forgotten them. And it seems his employer may even believe its former employee of four years may be trying to relive them, to a degree.
Philadelphia weatherman John Bolaris made a decision -- to shop a story in hopes of a sale. And he got it. It was Playboy that bit, publishing a supposed 'tell-all' surrounding events the weatherman claims took place last year. With "The Hangover Part 3" already slated to start filming, Bolaris has missed out for this year -- but perhaps he's hoping for a starring role in any "Part 4". After all, his story is good. It covers the gamut of all the important stuff: A vacation centered in a hot spot, beautiful women, expensive liquor and food, partying all night long, blackouts with things you don't remember -- and even a drugging by the Russian mob. Unless you want to ruin the story for yourself, don't delve too much into the facts presented and how those are so clear with the drugging that occurred.
An article, even one appearing in Playboy, may have been less problematic for the aging weatherman than its presentation. It's not facts that seem to have gotten John Bolaris in trouble with his employer. But it might be the somewhat strange and seemingly egotistical quotes that tend to question professional. Talking about potential of getting "laid" because you're a weatherman probably didn't go over so well with FOX. It seems someone may be nearing the time-frame of mid-life crisis.
Regardless of what went down or what's fact versus fiction, one detail is very clear and fact-oriented: Employer FOX News isn't interested in further affiliation. At least not for now. Victim of a scam or not, maybe it's drunken 'details' the news station isn't seeking in its current meteorologist on staff. Philadelphia's Fox 29 WTXF-TV called a split with the weather anchor, in what seems to be a suspension for allegedly leaking a (much larger-than-life) story to the Philadelphia Daily News. A representative for FOX News calls the split “mutually agreed" upon, with a description that includes it was "time to part ways."
It may not have been the exactly the holiday season John Bolaris was looking for, when the weatherman of four years took leave after either being 'suspended indefinitely' or simply booted, in late December. Call it 'indefinite suspension' or call it 'fired', the point is FOX doesn't seem to have plans involving Bolaris returning in his role as meteorologist anytime soon.
So what's the controversial story that can get a weatherman either fired or "suspended" after four years on the job? It's a whopper.
The forthcoming Playboy article lays out a scene that took place within the past couple of years, where John Bolaris embarks on an incredible 48-hour journey. TV weathermen are sexy creatures. They might even be the sexiest guys on earth. That must be why two European beauties approached John Bolaris in a bar or restaurant -- and he didn't question it.
The story begins with night one, two Latvian beauties and a sushi bar. It's got sensual written all over it. And that's probably the perspective that's helped lead to the weatherman's current downfall.
As the tale goes, not one but two stunning women from Europe approached Bolaris. It's the stuff that always occurs outside of fantasy. So, of course, no man in his right mind would question the reasoning of such an occurrence. The Playboy quote attributed to weatherman Bolaris goes like this: “I’m a guy... There was the thought that I might get laid. … I was used to girls in Philly coming on to me aggressively once they found out I was John Bolaris, the TV weatherman.” Yeah.
As to who wouldn't be burying their head in the sand after that attributed quote remains unclear. But the story gets better. And better.
That's when liquor, and possibly drugs, become involved. With women and food already covered, alcohol is of course next on the list. Bolaris downs some shots with the two beauties from Europe. It's then the weatherman claims he “lost all concept of time” -- later waking, solo, to find himself the new owner of some artwork. That art is a painting of “a woman’s head … not the head of a woman I’d be attracted to,” Playboy quotes Bolaris. Perhaps the 'ugly factor' inclusion is meant to convey just how out of his mind Bolaris was on his adventure. Or, perhaps the 'ugly factor' inclusion is what's commonly known as a 'hook' -- to lead readers into the next part of an incredibly unbelievable tale. Truly, it's unbelievable.
It's soon after that Bolaris magically receives a phone call from his new friends. Incredibly, he didn't even need to make that call. Apparently that 'magic' doesn't make the weatherman suspicious. They must be some good friends indeed, that he's met just the night prior. It's then that Bolaris learns he's purchased the painting, at auction the night prior. But something simple, like discovery of wasted cash on a bad piece of artwork and a span of blacked out hours with no memory, isn't worthy of keeping a real man like John Bolaris down. His friends supposedly ask him to join for round two -- another night out in Miami Beach. So of course he joins the people he doesn't know for another night of partying, despite not remembering the night previous.
For those who've yet to figure out the punch line, yes, it's the next morning when the weatherman awakens with (surprise, surprise) no memory of night two's escapades. And, guess what? That purchased painting is nowhere to be found. It's gone -- vanished. But apparently those good friends keep a close eye. They must, to have so many details to provide to the man they barely know.
Whether it's those 'friends' who filled Bolaris in on events and timing is a bit unclear. It's actually a bit unclear how certain details are so specific, when John Bolaris seems to be claiming a drugging by the Russian mob. It's a rare credit card statement indeed that reflects time stamps within each hour next to the date. But somehow, supposedly, once Bolaris returns to Philadelphia, he discovers he'd apparently been living the high life in Miami Beach -- where night two apparently involved him purchasing “bottles of champagne every 15 minutes or so.” And those bottles weren't cheap. Those champagne purchases allegedly include a $2,500 bottle of Cristal Vintage and a dose of Dom Perignon thrown into the mix -- rung up at another three grand or so. Bolaris also threw down that Amex for some tidbits -- including a $2,000 tin of fine caviar. Or someone did anyway.
All said and done, John Bolaris found $43,712.25 charged with American Express. The stunning painting -- no longer in his possession -- ran a mere $2500 before a 20-percent tip of an extra $500 bucks. And Bolaris says AmEx allegedly refused reversal of those two days worth of charges. That was before the twist: The FBI began an investigation where it indicted 17 members of the Russian mob -- members accused of scamming 88 guys in South Beach. The insinuation: The 'establishment' with all those Amex charges was mob-owned or operated. Bolaris was supposedly a victim. And supposedly American Express ate the nearly fifty grand in charges and paid Bolaris out, with another hundred grand in damages.
The line between fact and fiction seems to have its blurry moments. But the part that seems clear is that John Bolaris is out of a job. Hopefully that payout from Amex and revenue from Playboy will tide him over for awhile. The clear question that's been popping up is why someone with a well-established, and very specialized career, would possibly consider risking it all for a few moments of limited Playboy fame. Ego has one nasty bite.
Bolaris is in on the joke. He must be. It has to be the only possible reason he would provide Playboy a quote like this: "I like to watch football naked with my lady and a bottle of wine." Sorry, Bud Light: John Bolaris is not your spokesman. He's very sophisticated. And romantic. Sorry, ladies: You may be crushed to learn that John Bolaris just may be off the market at the moment. He's got a 'lady'. Every woman loves to spend time with her man on a couch, naked, watching football.


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