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Wacktrap FAQs - Fancy Features

Scratchpad’s the coolest little blank slate you’ll find. Everyone’s got one. But everyone’s is different. Once you and your friends start writin’,  your pad will be takin' on a personality all its own. Think of it as your constantly shifting flip-pad of thoughts. It’s a whole lot greener for the environment, and never runs out of free space.
You can also scribble on your own Scratchpad, keepin’ your closest friends and Connections posted on the the latest. We’re keepin’ personal in this technologically advanced world, takin’ one tech step back with Scratchpad. And we think you’re gonna like it.
You can write on your own pad. And so can your friends. Maybe you don’t want everyone you’ve ever met to be updated about your daily life, or sandwich preference. Maybe you do. If so, there’s a great site or two for you. In the meantime, while you’re at Wacktrap, if someone wants to know a bit more about you, they’ll have to make their way to your pad.
Some stuff still needs to be private. And we’ve got that covered too. Use Wacktrap Messaging for sending those fast and private messages you've gotta get to your Connections. Or use our Share feature to send wack mail to your nearest and dearest who somehow haven't made it to Wacktrap yet. If you're the go-to, better send 'em that invite.
You’ll find Scratchpad in My Account, your personal pitstop between wacks-where you can track wacks, add your RSS Subscriptions, get straight to those Wacktrap Bookmarks and check on those Wack Stats. You'll find your pad conveniently located below those mighty important Connections of yours.
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Those Fancy Features include Wacktrap Bookmarks, Wacktrap Forums, RSS Feeds Subscriptions, Wacktrap Messaging and our Share feature with wack mail.
There’s lots more stuff you’ll be doin’ from My Account like adding and managing Connections, trackin' those wacks and sendin' invites. And don’t forget, you’ll be earnin’ Wack Stats for all every wack you add, wack you Rate and wack Comment you make.
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Wack mail’s not snail mail. And it’s not your mom’s email. We’ve made it easy to share your wacks super-fast, all right from our site. Send that wack to one friend or 100.
And if you need to be messaging Wacktrap members, we’ve got ya covered with Wacktrap Messaging. Send ‘em direct. Send ‘em private. Just send ‘em, so you can make those Connections. Learn about Connections, Fancy Features, and all the stuff you can do from My Account.

Track your favorite Wacktrap Categories via RSS Feeds, Subscriptions or Bookmarks.
You can also view all RSS Feed availability from the Wacktrap Site Map. There you’ll find a complete list of RSS Feeds organized by Category. Click that orange icon,  to the right of each available topic, to subscribe.
Subscriptions let you be alerted when a there is a new or updated wack in the category of your liking. Manage and view your Subscriptions via your ‘Subscriptions’ tab located in ‘My Account.’
We'll keep track of all your Subscriptions there for you, so you can add or manage everything you need in one spot. . When you subscribe we’ll make sure those Subscriptions get to your cell, ipod or gadget of choice. We're technologically advanced that way.
Bookmarks let you do just that, bookmark an article for later reading. You will find a handy bookmark under ‘My Account’ too.
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Add to Wacktrap Bookmarks:
You don't wanna misplace your favorite wacks. We understand-so Wacktrap's built in a system that puts everything at your fingertips, right from your personal Wacktrap Account. There's traditional ways to Bookmark-and there's the Wacktrap way. Once you get used to the Wacktrap Bookmark feature, we have a hunch you'll never go back to tradition.
You'll find a 'Bookmark This' link at the base of each and every wack-it's your direct connection to instantaneous Bookmarking. Once you're simply logged into your Wacktrap Account, you'll be Bookmarking in just one click. The better part: you'll always be able to find every one of your Wacktrap Bookmarks, in a permanent, organized list. And the best part: we keep everything for you, in one spot. Review or find your Bookmarks at any time-in seconds-all from your own, dedicated Bookmarks tab. And all from your Wacktrap Account. It's a whole lot easier than searchin' that desktop.
We'll save every one of 'em for ya in 'My Account.' As many as you need. So you'll never lose your way. But what if you no longer need that wack at your fingertips? Remove it just as instantly, with one click: 'Unbookmark This,' and we'll make it disappear in a flash. So you'll have lots of room for those new ones without wadin' through the old.
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It’s the place everyone is talkin’ about, so you’ll find a handy link at the top of every page on our site. But if you’re just hearing about this wacky arena you won’t want to miss, we’ll take you there right now! Visit Wacktrap Forums
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Messaging is bound to become your best friend. And it's gonna make you new ones. We can't give you your money back since we don't charge for it. So you're just going to have to take our word for it. And try it out for yourself.
Just find a wack you've gotta know more about. Maybe you want to know more of the juicy details. Or want to get the most current situation. Like the movie with the ending that leaves you hangin'. You've got questions-and you need answers. Or maybe you've got a similar wack. You've been down that road before and you've got some vital info. In any case, you need to be in contact with 'em fast. Talk to 'em personally. There's some things that just can't be discussed via Comments alone.
You'll find reasons all your own. Whatever they are, Wacktrap Messaging is making it happen. You'll find members who'll become part of your inner circle. And when you meet those those favs, you'll want to make 'em a Connection. No need to check regular mail, flippin' back and forth or transferring between sites. We're keepin' it all right here, to cut lag time or slowdowns. You'll come to depend on Messaging. Fast and easy. And totally private. So message away-time’s a wastin’.

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