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Queer Jersey Shore Boys Magazine Cover

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by copythat

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In The News

The Post says MTV's "Jersey Shore" boys were pumped when the Village Voice magazine asked them to pose in the buff—at least from the top up--for the magazine’s cover. Only one small issue--supposedly the mag didn’t reveal to the Jersey Boys that the posers were starring in its annual "Queer Issue."

Jersey’s “finest”—the camera-friendly (or camera-seeking) Vinny Gaudagnino, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino agreeably flexed their abs for the famous magazine’s cover--but the Post says sources claim that the lady-killing trio will be shocked to see how the final shot's being used.

A source for the New York Post says "They didn't know." The Village Voice “Queer” issue—probably not the way the Jersey Boys were planning on using those 15 minutes of semi-fame. But considering that one of them couldn’t even make it as a pizza-maker, times could be worse for the boys. The Village Voice cover has just hit stands as the "Queer Issue" and above the headline "The Guido Ideal" – the Voice’s cover story about "gay Jersey guidos on the down-low."

The New York Post says, "The paper's not saying the cover boys are gay, just that that they're hot." They should be flattered—since not many want to see them on TV, let alone on a cover. The “Queer” issue includes a sidebar on the guys and the new "Jersey Shore" season. The Post says an MTV representative wasn’t returning calls to the paper.

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