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Family Feud TV Show Contestant Responds Cinderella was Homeless

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by hearit

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The Family Feud game show keeps tv entertainment at its finest with two incredible answers in just one episode aired on October 7, 2010--a fact you didn't know: Cinderella was homeless.

The question: “Name something that everybody knows about Cinderella…”

The answer: well, read below:

00:15:06 “Point values are tripled here, top 4 answers are on the board.
Name something everybody knows about Cinderella, Dustin.”
00:15:16 >> “She was homeless.”
00:15:19 >> [Laughter] Steve (Family Feud host): That's pretty shocking to me. that's a new one.
00:15:26 Question is name something everybody knows about I think we've got, some late-breaking news here, I don't know about you, but this is gonna send shockwaves…

Keep in mind that, for this question which occurred near Family Feud episode end October 7, the father is a minister. The son’s response caused some “family” tension:

The question: “Name something that starts with trans-”

The answer: the minister’s response: “transmission”; the minister’s son’s reply: “transsexual”

And silence falls.

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