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L is for Lucky Wheel of Fortune Contestant Wins with One Letter Video

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by hearit

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Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak is known for typically tormenting the game show's "losers" by opening the card reflecting their exact financial "loss" at game's end. Instead, a shocked Sajak found himself celebrating a November 7 prize puzzle win that even he's calling most amazing.
Wheel of Fortune contestant Caitlin Burke barely skipped "Bankrupt" on the wheel, instead landing on the $900 slice. She may have received only nine hundred bucks from the letter itself, but the 26-year-old woman was able to solve the puzzle immediately: the woman shocked the "Wheel of Fortune" game show host, Sajak, asking to solve the puzzle.
Sajak was caught off-guard by request for a quick "solve", at first muttering "What's that?"--but Burke reminded the game show's host that it was a prize puzzle after all, and "solve" she did. Apparently the "Wheel" contestant apparently had a very good feeling, correctly naming the seven-word phrase, using only the single letter "L".
It seems that the letter "L" is for "Lucky": the November 7 contestant won herself a trip to the Caribbean with the prize puzzle by naming the phrase, "Ive Got a Good Feeling About This". Sajak calls it the game show's most amazing solve on Wheel of Fortune.


Wheel of Fortune at Sony Studios
10202 West Washington Blvd., Suite 2000
Culver City, CA 90232
United States
34° 1' 11.9172" N, 118° 23' 56.6844" W
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