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Kasey on Bachelorette Wants to Begin Fresh not Start Over

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by underthesea

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In the bizarre The Bachelorette, contestant Kasey gets a tatoo on his forearm in honor of the Bachelorette (and the other guys still remaining, which he refers to as the "diamonds") ; good thing Kasey didn't get sent home today, after that recent tat--the look in his eye reads the possibility that bad things could happen in that studio.
Things didn't start out so hot between contestant Kasey and the bachelorette--it appears 'she's just not that into him'.
But Kasey is no quitter. In fact he wants to apologize to the Bachelorette for a bit of his fast moves that proved to make the show's star a bit uncomfortable; so when he gets his moment alone with the Bachelorette, Kasey tries a "fresh" angle:
"I don't want to start over, I just kind of want to begin fresh...from here." Kasey (Advertising Executive, Clovis, CA) "Start over", "begin fresh": hmmm....those two seem remarkably similar.
Good thing Kasey isn't Creative Director at whatever supposed ad agency he's with--and maybe that agency, or company, might be better not to reveal its association.
Watch out Madison Avenue and Wilshire--the East and West Coast hot spots for Advertising got nothin' on Clovis. Maybe that garlic company's looking to "begin fresh".


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