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Repo Games TV Show Debtors Play to Keep Repossessed Cars Vehicles

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by editor

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In what may be the cruelest joke on people about to have cars repossessed, a new reality game show allows contestants to fight for gaining back possession of vehicles--and having cars paid off in full. It's not 'reindeer games', it's "Repo Games" on Tru TV. Real-life repo men make debtors answer five questions. Three better be right.
For some, it may as well be a fight for their lives.
From the producers of "The Jersey Shore" comes another 'winner': Spike is busting out with a show to match the economic recession -- aptly titled "Repo Games". It's kind of a reality show -- or at least what people hope to be their reality, following the life and times of two real-life repo guys who give debtors a final chance to keep their cars -- rather than yanking their cars while they sleep. The catch: Contestants only have a shot at getting that vehicle back by playing a quiz show. In public.
"Repo Games" contestants get five questions -- and they've got to answer more than 50%-percent of those filmed questions correctly in order to keep their car. If those three answers are right, the car gets paid off, in full -- on the spot -- with no more future car payments to worry about either. But if two or less answers out of the five are correct, the car immediately gets towed for impound. Game over.
Perhaps the only thing worse may be people fighting to keep their homes after unpaid mortgages that could put a family out on the street.
Spike is touting the new game show as “Cops meets Jeopardy". Alex Trebek may be taking some serious offense to that comparison. "Jeopardy" doesn't exactly have a tendency to ask contestants how many colors of M&Ms exist in its standard candy package, or what Barack Obama's name was in 2005.
Spike claims the new "Repo Games" 'game' show will have a “fun tone” -- supposedly along the lines of Discovery Channel's "Cash Cab". That may be a stretch: The worst thing losing "Cash Cab" contestants face is a long walk home -- or cab ride that's not free of charge.
Spike claims the show to air on Tru TV will feature contestants that come from all walks of life, citing the fact that even celebrities like Paris Hilton have had vehicles repossessed. The trailer video for "Repo Games" doesn't seem to reflect that ideal. That span of "all walks of life" seems to be concentrated on those who seems a bit down on their luck -- from a concentrated economic realm.
When asked by a host, "Are you ready to play?", one excited "Repo Games" contestant replies: "I'm just so nervous. My mom's going to see this, and all my friends -- and I don't even got my make-up on or nothing."
Screw the fact you're about to be publicized on a TV show over being unable to make car payment bills, to the point where that car is about to be repossessed. It's all about the lack of make-up.
Spike's picked up one more winner: "Bar Rescue", a reality show tailored after "Kitchen Nightmares" but featuring drowning bars rather than ailing and failing restaurants. According to the network: “The guys featured on ‘Bar Rescue’ and ‘Repo Games’ share that same authentic, real-life persona that will resonate with Spike’s expanding audience,” claims Spike programming's Sharon Levy. “We are thrilled to partner with the incredibly creative production teams that developed "The Jersey Shore" and "The Biggest Loser" to bring these unique concepts to life.”
Fans can look forward to Spike bringing out 20 episodes of its newly-acquired "Repo Games" to air on Tru TV, along with 10 episodes of the new "Bar Rescue".
If you're looking to laugh at someone else's expense, "Repo Games" may just be the newest answer. But don't be expecting pure genius. It is entertaining -- and alarming -- to know that correctly-answered topics include knowing all the names of the Spice Girls, and knowing the meaning of 'Grand Tetons' ("big tits"). Yes, if you've guessed the Grand Tetons answer is supplied by a male, you just may be smarter than contestants.
Don't expect people to know things like how eyes a cyclops has, how many inches are in a 'footlong' sandwich from Subway -- or how many events are in a decathlon. Or when that bill is due for their car.

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