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Basketball Wives Show Celebrity Arrested for Throwing Water

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by copythis

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In The News

A cast member of tv show "Basketball Wives" was arrested by LAPD over Memorial Day weekend: the charges,"Suspicion of Misdemeanor Battery", released from jail on $20,000 bail.
The VH-1 reality TV celebrity, Suzie Ketcham, was arrested for allegedly throwing a large amount of water on a woman during a reunion taping of the show. The "Basketball Wives" TV show follows the lives of a group of women who are married to, have dated or have formally had relationships with NBA basketball players.
Suzie Ketcham, 32-year-old ex-girlfriend of retired former Los Angeles Clipper's Center Michael Olowokandi, was booked Saturday night by LAPD, following the reported suspicion of battery incident at a studio on Commonwealth Avenue. Ketcham allegedly threw a bucket of water on another woman, identified on the VH1 website as "Sandra," who told police she was injured during her attempt to avoid the bucket of water.
"Injured" by a bucket of water?
The female "victim" whom claimed she was injured was later hospitalized-treated for minor injuries to her hip, knee and ankle.
"Hospitalized", for "minor injuries"; can anyone say oxymoron.
In a previous "Basketball Wives" episode, one of the "basketball wives" threw a glass of water on the same woman whom has claimed injury. A posting on the VH-1 website would not detail the latest incident but teased it their upcoming show. Says VH-1: "We were there, and while we’re obviously not going to spoil a show that isn’t airing till June 20 with additional firsthand details, but know this: It was quite the scene," the posting said.
Well, using an arrest as a bad promo, hopefully VH-1 posted the bail. "Basketball Wives" cast member Ketcham was released by LAPD--after posting $20,000 bail.
Classless act, yes-but $20,000 bail? Sounds like a bail amount heading toward the felony range. Good thing it wasn't enough water to press "suspicion of drowning" charges.

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