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Tennessee Church Offers Drive-Thru Good Friday Services to Drop Sins

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by hearit

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Combine a church with a bank building, and what do you get? A drive-thru church of course -- one that takes sin deposits and gives out blessings instead of cash. A Tennessee Old Hickory church is offering up a drive-thru Good Friday service 'til the midnight hour.

For more than 24 hours until Good Friday officially ends, North Point Community Church says visitors can use the drive-thru of what was formerly a bank building: the first drive-thru window is for dropping off sins. The second drive-thru stop, for giving out blessings.


North Point Community Church
100 Gaile Drive
Old Hickory, TN 37138-2302
United States
Phone: (615) 847-9700
36° 14' 13.8516" N, 86° 38' 12.552" W
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