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Strange Herb Leads to Smashed Statues Dressing in Dead Guys Clothes

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by copythat

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In The News

A lot of people may say God's saved them--but this Connecticut guy says God made him do it. A West Hartford guy's accused breaking into a stranger’s house under the guise that God made him do it. Of course, it all happened on a Sunday. And a "strange strand of herb" is responsible.

Cops say 27-year-old Levon Sarkisyan utilized a fireplace poker as a weapon of sorts -- to smash statues, including one of a Roman soldier. Perhaps he considered those statues false idols. He also took out a marble table with the poker -- then proceeded to take a shower (cleanliness is next to Godliness, after all) and dressed in the clothing of a former resident of the Farmington home.

Unfortunately, the owner of those clothes happened to have died -- and it all didn't go over too well.

Sarkisyan identified himself as Leon Sark -- in an alias, of sorts. The last name was apparently shortened, the change in his first name a bit inexplicable. He told cops "a light from above told him to do this" and: "God wants me to help the world".

God is all-knowing -- and apparently didn't want Sarkisyan turned over to police. One of the home's resident tried to call 911 but had a hard time and fumbled the phone, at which point Sarkisyan allegedly said, "You see, God will not let you use the phone."

Sarkisyan informed officers he'd smoked "a strange strand of herb." That's one hell of a strand.

While there's many contenders, this may be the mug shot -- ever. It's certainly the happiest. And who can deny happiness? Except maybe the dead guy who got his clothes ripped off.


Farmington, CT
United States
41° 43' 11.3592" N, 72° 49' 55.3584" W
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