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Pastor Orders Congregation Delete Facebook Church Members Having Affairs

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by hearit

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Apparently Facebook is not about “Friends”: an evangelical New Jersey pastor plans to order married church members to delete Facebook accounts or resign from the site altogether--he says church members are having extramarital affairs and participating in infidelity because of Facebook.

The New Jersey pastor's plan comes on the heels of Jimmy Kimmel’s new holiday of “National Unfriend Day” for Facebook members, aka “NUD”, slated by Kimmel for November 17.

Pastor Cedric Miller claims much of his recent marital counseling—for church members--includes infidelity stemming from the social-network website. Apparently Facebook sparks affairs. The evangelical leader of the “Living Word Christian Fellowship Church” in the city of Neptune, New Jersey, says Facebook is reigniting old passions--so needs to be removed from everyone's lives.

The pastor's news sparks another interesting byproduct: church members can now glance around at one another, during services, to figure out just which members are guilty of having those extramarital affairs.

Isn't there supposed to be a "confidentiality agreement" of sorts, with church leaders?

In an equally strange turn, Pastor Miller had previously asked married couples--among his 1,100 congregants--to share their Facebook passwords with each other. He says the congregation’s reaction to that request for shared passwords was "mixed".

No kidding.

The evangelical Reverend says that, at his next Sunday service, he will also "strongly suggest" that all married parishioners give up the Facebook site altogether.

Apparently, the word of God is not enough for the evangelical church members: those that can't keep it limited to "friends" on Facebook need to remove the "temptation" altogether.

Read "Pastor Cedric's Blog" at the attached link: the New Jersey pastor says "I will share my thoughts via this forum from time to time. Please check back soon". The pastor doesn't seem to be so up-to-date: his last blog post was made four months ago, July.


Living Word Christian Fellowship Church
81 Highway 35
Neptune, NJ 07753
United States
40° 12' 32.6988" N, 74° 1' 37.1028" W
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