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Elizabeth Edwards Funeral protest is the most disgusting use of Free Speech

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by venusrising

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In The News

While watching the news I was saddened to hear about the passing of Elizabeth Edwards. I did not know her but the grace that she exercised during the vulgar lies and betrayal from her husband John Edwards is enough to give you the idea that she was a classy lady. So, when I heard the news that Westboro Baptist Church from Kansas is planning to protest her funeral on the basis that she supported gay I was sickened. The Westboro Baptist Church from Kansas has even gone so far as to blame her husband’s affair and her battle with cancer on her belief in equality for all people.
Elizabeth Edwards a woman, during great suffering with cancer, by her husband John Edwards’s unfaithfulness, lies and having a child outside of their marriage still maintained her ability to see humanity and grace as I know God would have us do. How Christian and Godly like is it to hold up signs of vulgar protest at a memorial service? And for what? To draw more attention to the fact that Fundamentalist Christians often lack a moral compass and true Christian like compassion and values or is it the media spotlight they so dearly covet. With sites they use like godhatesfags and quick links entitled “God’s Hatred in the Bible” all I can say is are you kidding me?
When Jesus was said to be a man that hung out with all people, many of those judged misfits and outcasts are we really suppose to believe that he would be standing holding those disgusting signs, yelling hateful words and casting judgment just because a law said that he could? No way, he would be doing what Ben Requena by setting up a human shield event for the Elizabeth Edwards memorial service to be held Tuesday on Facebook
Yes, as Americans we have freedom of speech that we must cherish and protect. I know that not allowing such Memorial Service protests like the one planned for Elizabeth Edwards’s service and also done at Mathew Shepherds funeral along with countless service men can be a very slippery slope at chipping away at this very Freedom. The question really is just because we can do something does it really mean we should? I think any person with half of a brain would know the answer to this, The Elizabeth Edwards Funeral protest is the most disgusting use of Free Speech.

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